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  1. This was the old ” Zombie Zulu ” nightclub in the late 1950’s – early 1960’s . The ” Roberts ” restaurant was a 24 -7 place that had lots of after bar hours traffic. It had a nice lounge next door ( north ) called ” The Rod & Reel ” . Just north of the ” Zombie Zulu ” was the ” Virginia Cafe ” on the same West side of S.W. Park Ave.. A busy nightlife area years ago.

  2. Yup, looks like the typical air quality in late summer when the grass seed field burning took place.

    I’m a little confused about the orientation. Is 737 SW Park actually Robert’s Fine Food not The Embers? Are we standing at the corner of Morrison and Park?

  3. I loved the “green apple” pies at Roberts. The Virginia Cafe also had some nice pies. They usually had a pie or two on display in the window to attract passers-by.

  4. Here is the approximate view from August of 2007, before the block on the left was leveled for the new Moyer tower.

  5. @Jared:
    This view is looking North up Park Avenue. On the right is the back of the old Orpheum Theater, followed by the west half of the Royal Building. Across the street from there is the building that housed the old Carl Greves abutting the building that used to house the Brasserie Montmarte. North of there is the Mercantile Building with the Union Bank of California in the far distance.

  6. This sure brings back memories of the ’50’s to me. In the early ’50’s, my parents and I would go to Roberts’ Fine Foods for dinner, then walk a block to the Orpheum Theater for a first run movie, or drive to one of the other downtown movie theaters. Then when I was a little older, many evenings were spent at the Embers Night Club. They always had a good combo playing that we could dance to.

  7. Great photo and memories and appreciate the comments, too. I believe that the Virginia Café was owned by the Dussin family..they later began another Portland landmark: The Spaghetti Factory.

  8. Roberts fine foods at the corner of Park and Yamhill opened in 1946. Was run by a Mr. Paul Roberts who died of cancer in 1961. They sold 100 green apple pies a day. They had the Rod and Reel bar as part of their establishment and a bakery. In 1955 the pigeon hole parking lot opened across the street. Wish I could have ate there.

  9. Igor,

    Yes this the same Embers as at NW Broadway. Don’t know exactly when it relocated, but the Park Ave Embers was a popular gay nightspot in the 80-90s.

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