14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Turkey, circa 1944

  1. Historical trivia: the “Everhot” line of kitchen appliances was a product of the Swartzburgh Mfg. Co. near Toledo, OH. The company (originally known as the Toledo Cooker Co.) started making this line of electric tabletop “rangettes” some time in the 1930s or 1940s. The company lived on under the Swartzburgh name until the late 1960s, but in 1951 it sold off its Everhot products division and all associated mfg. equipment to another firm (McGraw Electric). Sources: Misc. Facebook pages.

  2. The turkey ornament was probably made at school. Note, it is an apple w/toothpick legs, a doily (always a staple in the craft box) and some cute tail feathers and head sketched on cardboard. The “flowers”, I believe are fruit art. Both the daisies and lilies look like they were carved from apples.

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