N Interstate Avenue, 1950

A truck towing a Council Crest streetcar at N Interstate Avenue and N Portland Boulevard, 1950. Portland Boulevard later became Rosa Parks Way.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2011-007.708

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2011-007.708


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13 thoughts on “N Interstate Avenue, 1950

  1. Your research needs typo fixes.
    Today: it is Portland Boulevard, not avenue; Avenues run N-S.
    Yesterday: it is NW Glisan, not SW as stated. All streets north of Burnside have a N or NE or NW prefix.

  2. Is that a Mitchell Brothers truck? They’re still going strong. I had one of their trucks run into me on I-5 in Washington. Nice folks to deal with.

  3. I think the guy on the top of the streetcar is making sure it clears the power and phone lines
    crossing the street. Dangerous job

  4. Again…this happened in 1952 not 1950. This car languished in an undisclosed location in the hills above the town of Linton between 1950 and 52. At one time this car was loaned to San Francisco.

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