13 thoughts on “SW Yamhill Street, circa 1969

  1. 1878 is the building year shown for the two at the left. Is there a list of the construction dates of the remaining old buildings in the PDX downtown area?

  2. When the Van Rensselaer and Harker buildings were first constructed, they were identical to the Love building in the center. The third floor of the Harker and the third and fourth floor of the Van Rensselaer were somewhat later additions. The building to the East of the Van Rensselaer is the Northrup and Blossom building. It is the second oldest remaining commercial structure in downtown Portland, after the Hallock and McMillan building on Naito and Oak.

    I hope there is a photo in the archive that clearly shows the now demolished Wakefield Glenn building that would have been just across Yamhill from the Van Rensselaer building.

  3. The Harbor Club (now Paddy’s Bar & Grill), 736 S.W. First. The premier lesbian and gay bar of the 1950s was the Harbor Club, which was so notorious that it was the only Portland bar declared “off limits” by the U.S. armed forces

  4. Good god! Thankfully, they were unable to reach the upper stories conveniently or the whole thing would have been covered in cheap, aluminum windows and infill panels.

  5. Watson Printing–one of the premier old letterpress printers of the time–second only to Radow Printing which was located next to Dan & Louis Oyster on Ankeny, now Vodoo Donuts

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