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  1. A photo on efiles has that Radiator shop as ” West side of SE 7th Ave between SE Hawthorne Blvd & SE Madison St. So this corner would be on the block north of that on the west side of SE 7th

  2. Corner of automotive shop is exposed on left side of photograph. A posting on September 13, 2016, shows a number man standing in front of an auto repair shop at 308 E 7th Avenue, 1929, number 112.
    In the above photo an image of a child is shown just of the right of the screen door, below the “dry wood for sale” sign.

  3. I would not call him the number man when he has no number and is not in the usual pose. The tracks put the location on the corner.

  4. He put the number on the utility pole and is looking at it; he’s still the number man. Maybe he was feeling jovial that day.

  5. After reviewing the Sanborn map of the area the even numbered addresses were on the east side of E. 7th and odd numbered addresses were on the west side of E. 7th. The addresses for the three buildings would have been 308-310-314 E. 7th. The corner would be the northeast corner of E. 7th and E. Market. Stephens Public School is a couple of block south of this location. Interesting to note that one block south on the northeast corner of E. 7th and E. Mill stands a house built in 1906 that is still standing today.

  6. Mike and LMH — How did you see that the original “help us out” photo included a radiator/automative shop? I couldn’t see it until Igor posted the other photo. Just curious…

  7. Liz Cooksy – I remembered recently seeing a photograph of the automotive shop with the number man involved. I selected “number man” in the “select category” and searched from there. Also, you could just select the “number man” in the “posted in” area beneath the photograph.

    wl – I think the numbers were generally applied sequentially, since only one side of the street might have been considered for alteration.

    Vintage Portland does offer a little more information on the number man by offering a link in the photograph description upon occasion.

  8. A number of the number man pics have been for the widening of SE 7th. But I don’t think I’ve ever read why they were widening it. Union and Grand were already wider streets only 2 blocks away. What was the planning?

  9. lmh, that makes sense. assuming each number is for an individual property, we should someday find a photo of that house mid-block, with mr. number holding a ‘113.’

  10. Liz,

    In addition to LMH’s suggestion, there is a search field just above the “follow on facebook” link at the top of each page. A search of “auto shop” shows igor’s photo as the first result.

  11. I would imagine they reused the numbers for different projects. Otherwise the numbers would be in the tens of thousands.

  12. LMH and Jim, thanks for your help. What I still don’t “get” is how you arrived at the knowledge that an auto shop was in the picture. Maybe I’m just dense…..

  13. Liz,
    I hardly think you’re “dense,” just maybe not as familiar with previous VP posts (or maybe you missed the day that was posted). I can’t speak for LMH, but after clicking on the picture and studying the larger version, the lettering on the building at the far left reminded me of the previous VP post that showed it to be an auto shop. A quick search and there it was!

  14. LMH- I am sure there were never tracks on Seventh or Market, the slope of the tracks would put this on the NE corner of Hawthorne and Seventh.

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