SW Stark Street, circa 1969

Shipley and Company Insurance located on the ground floor of a vintage building at 223 09.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, Shipley and Company at 223 SW Stark Street, A2011-028, circa 1969.

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, Shipley and Company at 223 SW Stark Street, A2011-028, circa 1969.


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20 thoughts on “SW Stark Street, circa 1969

  1. Merv,

    According the The Grand Era of Cast-Iron Architecture in Portland, the ground floor pilasters (the vertical square columns) are definitely cast iron. No mention is made of whether the upper pilasters, window casings or architectural details were also made of cast iron.

    The central second-floor Gothic window is similar to the cast-iron upper windows of the Kamm Block, but there are obvious differences.

  2. The center arch actually bears a stronger resemblance to the more foreshortened Gothic windows on the upper left-by stories of the Bickel Block. I would guess that the center medallion is a cast iron adornment.

  3. Thanks Jim. I’m now a Lincoln, NE transplant and have a friend or two who are curious about still existing cast iron structures. I know I’m not alone in thinking they are majestic old structures and more of them should be (should have been)
    preserved when possible

  4. Pidgeon hole parking worked fine until you wanted your car and there was a power problem, then you became a pedestrian.

  5. There was one on 10th & one block south of Taylor by the Medical Arts building on 10th & Taylor (the building has since been re-named)… we used to watch them “work” the cars while in my godfather’s office on the 4th floor. My dad and 3 of his brothers used to work several of the downtown parking lots/garages in the 40’s.

  6. Thanks everyone, was wondering where they had been located. There was an article on CNET where they were bringing it back somewhere, but of course computerized.
    We should bring it back to Portland.

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