NE 12th Avenue, 1974

The Franz Bakery, located at NE 12th Avenue and NE Flanders Street, 1974.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, The Franz Bakery at NE 12th Avenue and NE Flanders Street, A2012-005, 1974.

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, The Franz Bakery at NE 12th Avenue and NE Flanders Street, A2012-005, 1974.


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23 thoughts on “NE 12th Avenue, 1974

  1. Flavor beyond compare!
    A dear old friend worked there at the time…Gary Michael…I’ve lost touch…if anyone knows what he’s up to, please let me know! 🙂

  2. When our son & daughter were young this was on one of our favorite landmarks. We used to yell hello bread (Franz), hello milk (Sunshine? milk on 20th), hello blue bridge (Morrison bridge at night), hello 7-up(bottling company).,,, Well at least it was fun for me.

  3. I used to work at Jantzen and would sometimes take walks in the neighborhood. It was always better to make sure I walked after I ate as the smell of Franz’s bread was so good, made me hungry!!!

  4. Franz had an open house when this bakery was completed. I remember going to it with my folks and being treated to warm sliced bread, fresh out of the oven, with melted butter.

    I attended Benson Tech and the smell of fresh bread was almost a daily occurrence and sometimes was almost overpowering when we were running around the track during PE.

  5. I remember the Master bread company in Salem and also having a delivery route stop by the farm on a weekly basis and it was called Frantz bread. We had a sign by the road so that the driver knew we were a customer.

  6. The gigantic metal loaf is iconic street art.Does Franz still have it rotating? I Noticed once that there is a large trap door on the bottom for access to the motor. I always wondered what it looked like inside, quite the hide-a-way. Here’s to hoping that when the day comes it is somehow preserved. What a great advertisement for the business. Also note the extensive use of neon on the facade.Love the way you can view the bread conveyor through the large plate glass windows. Nice job by some architect in the 1960’s I’m guessing.

  7. Another “old” Techman who fondly recalls the smell from across the street. As previously mentioned, was torture having gym just before lunch with that aroma…

  8. Lets hope Franz can withstand the onslaught of redevelopment to turn them into condos.
    I am afraid if Franz falls, My nearby property wont stand a chance.

  9. “The hamburger bun (as we know it today) was invented by Franz bakeries.”

    Originally for Yaw’s Top Notch Restaurant. They got delivered there on big wheeled metal shelf racks in big plastic bags of 50-60 buns when I worked there in the late 60’s-early 70’s.

  10. We used to go there on school trips, and after seeing the bread get made, they would take us to a room to sit down and give us fresh warm slices of butterd bread. OH MY!

  11. In the early 1990s I worked in an office at NE 11th and Burnside, and we would often be inundated with the delicious smell of baking bread from this bakery. I would drive past this very scene twice daily on my way from and to the Banfield.

  12. Ron G. Enter “United States Bakery in “Wikipedia”. I thought everybody knew that bun invention story. But what do I know.

  13. In the singing commercial days, one of them was “Franz bread is the good bread, with flavor beyond compare”. So many of those old ones still bounce around in my head, Pepsi, Pepsodent etc.

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