11 thoughts on “SW Front Avenue, circa 1969

  1. I used to work in the ground floor of the Lawrence Building around the corner on 2nd, Someone told me one that the building next to the featured building, The one remodeled in the 1940’s or 50’s is one of the oldest remaining buildings on Front/ er Naito parkway.

  2. This is the 1885 Fechheimer and White Building. It is still there. The building to the left is the 1857 Hallock and McMillan Building and it is the oldest commercial building in Portland. There are plans to restore the original cast iron facade, but that seems to be stalled from what I can tell.

  3. I know this location as “sack’s front avenue”. It was a popular music venue and bar in the late 70’s early 80’s. Saw a lot of good bands in there.

  4. Sharon…Thank you. I kinda thought I shoulda checked before I posted but I got hyper. The place I’m thinking of was in the 700 block of Front and was also called Frankensteins at one time.

  5. John, Thanks for your excellent work at the Oregonian. I am sad to learn that Silverton Foundry, who made all the cast iron reproductions for restoration of the building next door, shut down in June.

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