14 thoughts on “SW Broadway, 1943

  1. As witness the icicles on these Broadway cars this was a far more serious event then a “little snow”. And you might quibble that the location was in fact in front of the Paramount rather then the more distant Orpheum. The snow has fallen over a heavy accumulation of ice in the tradition of the serious winters we experienced in those golden days of yesteryear. This was I believe the storm that split the weeping willow in our backyard down the middle, a tree that seemed large in my childhood memory but was likely only 10 years old or so. Still the sound that it made spitting frightened my mother so that she in turn scared my brother and I out of our wits, With her scream combining with the sound of the tree splitting we thought for sure the Japanese and the Germans were bombing, Or so the family legend developed in the retelling through the years.

  2. The final block to the end of track was and is a bit steep, a car had to get beyond the switch to reverse to the northbound, obviously not possible here.

  3. When the wires iced up we had very bright flashes but no stalls. If there was no power the cars would not have been able to bunch up, this is a traction problem getting up beyond the reverse switch for the northbound track.

  4. It snowed the day I was born, March 2, 1951. It snowed on or around that date about 9 times the next 18 years. My dad would not take the snow tires of the cars until after my BD.

  5. During this storm (that hit Thursday the 21st of January) the city put a call out for 200 men to come in and hire on for snow removal as they had 100 available and needed 300 total. About half the Kaiser shipyard workers didn’t show up for work, the trolleys were shut down etc. Temperature day of storm was 18 degrees.One fatality.

  6. Rod,
    To further quibble, this is actually nearer to the Fox Theater (then known as the Mayfair) rather than the Paramount which was one block further South.

  7. @Jim. Good point Jim. I’d forgotten all about the Fox/Mayfair. and I’ll bet that north bound auto must of had a pair of those ground nut shell snow tires for traction left over from before the rationing.

  8. @Rod,

    I should have kept quibbling…with myself. The former Paramount is two blocks south of the old Orpheum, not one.

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