George Baker’s Birthday Party, 1934

Men dressed in costume for George L. Baker’s Birthday Party at Red Steer Café, 1934.
First row: Mike DeCicco, Mr. Nudleman, Commissioner Riley, Assistant Fire Chief James Dillane, Harry Freeman. Second row: Mr. Willoughby, Ernie Bills, Jack Luihn, Al Sherrill, Dr. Cecil Brouse, Sam Slocum. Third Row: Charles Parker, Fire Captain Fred Roberts and two unidentified men.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2010-019.11

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2010-019.11


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9 thoughts on “George Baker’s Birthday Party, 1934

  1. The city’s Historic Resource Inventory (accessed via Google) lists the address as:
    2514 North Marine Drive. There is a photo of it in an eBay listing:

    Sorry for the long URL. You can find it directly by searching the address on Google.

  2. Liz, I’m not convinced that your ebay photo is of the same building. The vintage portland picture shows a larger scale late 19th century early 20th century building while the ebay picture is of a 1920’s -1930’s building of smaller scale. Note the number of steps leading to a covered porch in the original photo with a guardrail on the left. Ebay photo, not as many steps to the main floor level and only a covered entry not a porch.

  3. Here is some more info on the Red Steer Café from the Historic Resource inventory of Portland. There is also a photo on page C-14 ( Liz is correct that the photo on ebay is the Red Steer Café).

  4. Speaking of “Bakers” all you with old Oregonian access look up “Frankie Baker”. She was the Frainkie from the song “Frainkie and Johnny were lovers”.Lived here in PDX from 1915 to 52.

  5. No way check out the number of stairs to the floor level. You can’t lower the building into the ground. Also the porch columns are a much larger scale. The ones in the ebay photo are residential not commercial like the vintage portland photo. I propose that the restaurant was moved to this location at a latter date.

  6. I take it back, I’m probably wrong, the building maybe has just been remodeled and they enclosed the old porch for a waiting area.

  7. For those who don’t know, to follow up on Dave Johnson’s suggestion to look up Frankie in the older issues of the Oregonian, all you need is access to the Multnomah County Public Library (either via library card & computer, or in person). The past issues of the Oregonian are digital and can be searched online. Non-Multnomah folks can check with their local university or public library — they may have a way to provide access to you, too.

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