7 thoughts on “Portland, 1892

  1. This is what must be from the old Oregonian Building. Now, they are in a different building.


    Vintage Portland posted: “A panoramic view of Portland from the Oregonian Building tower looking east, 1892. This image comes from the Oregonian Souvenir book. View this image in Efiles by clicking here.”

  2. Great panorama image. Can anyone identify any surving buildings?
    It would be interesting to know …
    1. how many buildings from 1892 remain in this view, (Perhaps fewer than 100).
    2. how many of all surviving buildings citywide date to 1892 or earlier, (Perhaps fewer than 1500 – and shrinking), and,
    3. what proportion of today’s builings date to 1892 or earlier. (Perhaps less than .5 percent).

    I believe these numbers could be derived from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Goal 5 Historic Resources Inventory Report.

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