14 thoughts on “Help Us Out!

  1. that’s a major transmission line across the street – five crossbucks.
    that big a distribution service should narrow it down… but not much!
    house at right, houses at left (with ‘f’ chimney brace and double pots, and the other has very unusual corbels and stucco porch posts) are pretty unique, and should stand out – if still standing!

  2. I don’t know but it sure was fun being an 8 year old kid the day after this storm. We built forts in the yard, at school etc.

  3. From the placement of the sun, shadows, it looks like an afternoon shot, making it a North South running street.

  4. louis, did you mean east/west? your assumption would have us looking south in the afternoon; storm was in october – no way the sun set that that far north in october. summer, yes. or maybe you meant morning instead of afternoon?

    personally, i think it is a N/S street looking north in morning. could be east/west street looking east in late afternoon.

    just need one dang house number! this one will be hard.

  5. If this view was looking north the tree would have fallen toward the northwest; but the wind came from the south and southwest, so the trees mostly fell toward the north and northeast. I think this has to be looking east in the afternoon.

  6. holy cow, THAT is perseverance! good job – most certainly is it, as the one house has the 2 chimney pots and metal brace, and those distinctive corbels on the house next door.

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