N Benton Avenue, 1957

A child standing in front of Crescent Poultry Co. located at 1333 N Benton Avenue, 1957. This was located in the Memorial Coliseum area.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, a2001-004.36

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, a2001-004.36


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6 thoughts on “N Benton Avenue, 1957

  1. Mike,
    It is possibly an ‘evaporative cooling’ apparatus. A precursor to air conditioning. Water tinkles down the troughs to cool, then air is circulated through it into the living space.

    I have medium confidence in my answer! Such things existed in Arizona post WW2 era.


  2. It was an evaporative cooler. I knew a man near 42nd and Division that purchased it. He had a small repair company specializing in home appliances and commercial units too.

  3. A previous post pictured the corner of the 300 block of Benton at Broadway (actually shown in the comments to be the corner of Ross and Broadway). the Great Re-Numbering made that block 1400, so I guess the chicken market was just across Broadway.

  4. We used to call them swamp coolers. They were more prevalent in dry climates. They did a pretty good job of cooling and also added some moisture to the otherwise dry air.

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