NE Broadway, 1929

A number man standing outside Ziegler Drugs on the corner of NE Broadway and NE 15th Avenue, 1929. To find out more about the number man, click here.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2009-009.3290

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2009-009.3290


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25 thoughts on “NE Broadway, 1929

  1. Thank you for posting the historic photo of this classic example of a Main Street corner storefront building. The building footprint suits the corner perfectly. As others point out, my friend and colleague, the great Ron Paul once had his Restuarant here. I remember him serving while filling in for wait staff.
    Anyone know the original use, name or the architect?
    It has the look of a pharmacy.

  2. The rooftop signage I see shows Freeman’s Pure Foods
    On the left (west) side building extension and a different sign is cantilevered
    over the sidewalk entrance, presumably that advertizes “Ziegler Drugs”, indeed a pharmacy.

  3. I should have known-I’ve passed this building a thousand times. My first thought was the Bread & Ink Cafe. It has the same style: Beautiful corner facing façade. It’s lovely when buildings are situated this way.

  4. Dave,

    The only Hamburger Mary’s I recall in the 1980s was the one across from today’s Director Park on the corner of SW Park and Taylor. I still miss it. I don’t know if they had an East side restaurant though.

  5. There was a Hamburger Patty’s on Fremont at about 43rd, which moved to 24th and became Patty’s on Fremont.

  6. I remember this corner building as a drugstore in 1945. Wasn’t the Irvington Theater in that same block in 1945? I worked there for a while as an usherette.

  7. Yes, Sellands is thinking of the former Hamburger Patty’s on 43rd and Fremont which then moved and became Patty’s on 24th and Fremont. They sold not too long ago.

  8. The Broadway streetcar line tracks crossing the tracks on 15th, an efficient system with tracks near any destination.

  9. Olsen-Weygandt building 1927, on national register of historic places. There’s a plaque to the right of the entrance.

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