20th Avenue, 1922

Children playing in the snow, 1922. According to what is written on this image, the children are on 28th Avenue. Can anyone tell us where on 28th Avenue?


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2004-002.9379

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2004-002.9379


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FOUND: SE 20th Avenue looking north towards SE Belmont Avenue

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  1. There is a building on 28th and NE Everett that maybe the apartment building there. I can’t see the south wall of the building because a tree is blocking the google street view.

  2. Oldoregon’s first ID in the earlier post and this ID are correct – looking north on SE 20th at the intersection with SE Yamhill. Somewhat confusing is that the front gable on the house just south of the the Kent (now Green Furniture Hospital) was extended before the storefront was tacked on, covering more of the side elevation of the Kent than seen in the photo. The next closer house south is still there, but the one closest on the right was recently sacrificed for den$ity. Note that the sloping landscape remains exactly the same as well.

    Here is the view:

  3. Thanks, Billy, for identifying the location. I was thinking along those lines, but searching on 28th. In some deep recess of my brain I remembered the side of the apartment building, as I’ve passed by it many times.

  4. Yes, I remember this being posted before and it was across from Colonel Summers Park…those houses are gone and are now the park.

  5. Congrats to all the expert geolocation folks (Billy, OldOregon, et al). It’s interesting that the future park grounds were still hosting some single family homes around 1922. The city council set aside the park land in 1921, naming it “Belmont Park.” It looks like the park expanded gradually over the years. The two houses shown on the west side of 20th in the archive photo seem to occupy land now used for a community garden. I think Belmont Park was also the name chosen by the early developers of the entire area later known as Mt. Tabor. Anyway, it was Belmont Park from 1921 until 1938, when the city changed the name to “Colonel Owen Summers Park,” after noted local businessman, state legislator, and colonel in the Oregon Ntl. Guard. The renaming was tied to recognition of volunteer Oregon guard troops (led by Summers) who fought in the Spanish-American war (1898). This bit of history is marked by the brass relief portrait of Col. Summers set in a large stone somewhere on the west side of the park.

  6. What were trying to discretely say is “no more previous posts”. At least I am anyway. But then I like cold toilet seats.

  7. When I moved to SE in the early 80’s the building at center left was still there, It was a cool old bar with a fake western façade on the SW corner of Morrison & 20th. I’d love to see a picture of that.

  8. This is SE 28th Ave. at Francis Street, looking north toward Powell. At least 3 of the houses still stand. And, that’s the same short hill that rises to meet Powell in the far end of the picture! This is not further north (i.e. Belmont) as some suggested.

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