24 thoughts on “W Burnside Street, 1980

  1. There is some faded out words on the side of the building there. Anyone know what was there before it nearly faded away?

  2. It looks like ‘Blitz Weinhard’ spelled backwards. Maybe it was for people to see in their rearview mirror as they pass by the building.

  3. I find these reversed photo’s so confusing. I’m not complaining just saying. The photo we’re looking at today is the South and West side of the brewery. The pick-up truck is on Burnside heading west (up hill) The Japanese compact cars in the foreground are heading north into what is now the pearl district.

  4. I don’t know for what reason this photograph was taken. It stands in stark contrast to the older photo’s taken with ” the number man”. The “number man” photos were taken with a tripod and a camera with very good optics. This photo is horribly grainy and appears to be taken with a kodak instamatic. This photo, poorly exposed with not thought to composition.

  5. I worked about ½ mile NE of the brewery and when the weather conditions were just right you could smell the aromas it was putting out. Sometimes it was quite strong.

  6. There are three ways to scan a negative: upside down is easy to catch, but it’s hard to tell the right way from mirror-flipped, which is what we have here. Everything archived on the strip belonging to ‘A2012-008.102.2’ is backwards.

    This is Burnside, looking northeast from SW 12th.

  7. i wonder if this is a plate from a newspaper printing press – that would account for the odd mirroring AND the spotty effect.

  8. looking into the efiles folder, all the images it contains are negatives. don’t know when this negative was scanned, but it looks like a crappy scanner. if hooked to a computer, it would have been easy to flip the dang thing.

  9. vintage portland, no apologies needed! did you increase the dpi? the corrected image looks MUCH better on my screen….

    thank you for all the work your staff puts into this blog. i learn something new every day, whether from the photos or the amazing commenters.

  10. I miss that yeasty aroma that wafted all over the area around the brewery. And I wonder how much cadmium etc was spewed out by the stained glass place!!

  11. This is a very interesting comment. O looked at it on my IPad and the photo was reversed, but on my laptop it was corrected. I checked both at the sametime.
    I used to work at Elia’s grocery at 17th and W. Burnside and I lived in the big house at 17th and Everett. $78 per month rent.
    By the way I still have working neon sign for Blitz Weinhard…..any buyers……

  12. I worked in the Standard Insurance Center, SE of the brewery. On the hottest days of summer the wind would be out of the northwest. I don’t miss coming out of air-conditioned comfort into a blast of 100-degree hop-scented air.

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