6 thoughts on “Washington Park Rose Garden, 1955

  1. I now live in CA, and when people who are planning a trip to Portland ask me where to visit, I tell them to make sure to go to the Rose Garden. When they return from their trips, none of them are disappointed. Such a beautiful place.

  2. True story: I was making a trip downtown via lightrail and had to take a shuttle bus part of the way because of track repairs on the Steel Bridge. Once I disembarked in Old Town a woman asked me how to get to the Rose Garden. I started giving her directions to Washington Park and was, fortunately, interrupted by someone who understood that she wanted to get to the Rose Garden Arena.

    I’m usually not in favor of renaming public venues after the highest bidding corporation, but in this case, I don’t mind making too much of an exception for Moda Center.

  3. Fantastic asset to the city. Just consider the return on investment this place is in tourism dollars. Can you imagine them building this today? Would never happen. Sad

  4. The structure in what is now the J Garden is left over from the zoo days. It was the restroom facility and was used by the Garden, too, until the early 90’s when the current facilities were built.

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