12 thoughts on “SW 1st Avenue, 1894

  1. This begs the question: Why are these gents lounging a bout in the flood waters? The Oregon Royal Order of Soggy Pants?

  2. I’m not sure, but it appears some of those men are wearing waders, similar to the kind used by anglers. I wonder if those were actually in common use back then?

  3. Without all the dams that everybody complains about this is what parts of Portland and metro area would like like almost every winter\spring. The seawall helps but even then it was in danger of be over topped in 1948, 1964 & 1996. Only a hastily erected sandbag and plywood wall saved downtown from being flooded in 1996. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willamette_Valley_Flood_of_1996 With the global warming and rising rainfalls we may not be so lucky next time. It seems to be a 20-30 year cycle for the bad ones – the flood of 48(Vanport), the Christmas Flood of 64 and the Flood of 96, at least in my lifetime or a few years before, so we should be due for another one soon.

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