SE 7th Avenue, 1929

A number man standing outside a vacant building on SE 7th Avenue, 1929. Can anyone tell us where this building was located on 7th Avenue? For more information on the number man click here.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2009-009.328

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2009-009.328


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18 thoughts on “SE 7th Avenue, 1929

  1. There are big power lines on both sides of SE 7th so it could have been on either side of the street based on those large power pole support lines. Since the building is vacant this could be a before photo of SE 7th pre-widening.

  2. It was almost 90 years ago, so I think it’s safe to assume that power lines may have changed. It also appears that the parking strip has been paved over, saved for the one lone street tree opening in today’s photo. Does anyone know what 380 would’ve become after the renumbering?

  3. So in this case the number man, who usually appears like the Angel of Death in front of structures to be demolished or on streets to be widened, is merely standing there having a smoke? Still, the evidence leads to the idea that it is the same building. What is Mr. Throat Cancer doing there? Heralding a six-inch narrowing of the parking strip?

  4. My grandfather smoked a pipe all time. He even mixed smokeless and black powder together in a special short stemmed pipe to help his emphysema. Smoking probably shortened his life, he died at age 94.

  5. 11/20/30. sorry.

    what intrigues me is how cheap labor must have been in pre-ww2 portland; you’d think moving an ‘old tile dwelling’ (basically cinderblock) would be more expensive than just building a new one.

    a garage in my neighborhood was hauled well over half the width of the city, over a bridge and sometimes uphill in the 20s – a garage! too bad moving the morris marks house isn’t so cheap…..

  6. I wonder… What would happen if we took all the Numbers Man pictures and put them on a map showing where each picture was taken and the number given. I’ll bet it would follow a pattern that might help us to pinpoint (pardon the pun) the unidentified locations.

  7. I don’t think are any unidentified number man locations. I’m pretty sure all the ones with him get identified pretty quickly.

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