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  1. The Ford Econoline van was introduced in 1961, as was the Thunderbird in the background, the newest cars on the photo. The ‘cleanest’ car appears to be a ’59-60 Studebaker Lark. For what its worth, my bet is circa 1962 instead of 1969.

  2. The podium of the Hilton is pretty clearly still under construction, and the tower interiors appear to be unfinished, as well. wikipedia says that construction was completed in 1962, so that would put the photo at 1961 or 1962.

  3. Though it seems unlikely The Broadway would be showing a ’59 and ’61 double feature in 1969 it’s possible. The key is whatever is playing at the Paramount. It could easily be “Happily Ever After” which is the original USA title for a Sophia Loren/Omar Sharif movie from 1967.

  4. I think the strip club was the Carousel.
    When the company my dad worked for had district meetings at the Hilton, most of the gentlemen from Salt Lake City could be found at that bar, enjoying endless rounds of 7-Up!

  5. Tora! Tora! Tora!

    Even though it had been subdivided into multiple theaters by the time I first saw a movie there, I still miss J.J. Parker’s Broadway theater.

  6. I’m pretty sure the Paramount was a concert venue rather than a movie house in the late 60’s. Lover Come Back, on the other hand, was a Doris Day/Rock Hudson romp that was released in 1961. This photo almost certainly dates to 1961.

    And the strip club (then restaurant) was the Carriage Room.

  7. This exactly as I remember SW Broadway, and I believe that the Paramount was a theater then along with the Fox to the north, and the Music Box and Orpheum to the north

  8. There are three 1962 model cars in the photo. Chevrolet Biscayne, Studebaker Lark station wagon and Rambler American. For sale to the public September 29, 1961 for Chevrolet, no date available for the 1962 Studebaker and October 6, 1961 for the Rambler American. Clearly the photo was taken after October 6, 1961.

  9. Also the key to the age of this photo is the street sign for “main”. By 69 they were all switched over to the new green style. This one is still of the old vintage.

  10. @Merlin,

    Considering the Broadway’s marquee is billing the movies as “holiday fun,” I’d say this is late November or December 1961.

  11. On Tuesday, December 18, 1962, the Oregonian carried an ad from The Broadway theater showing both Operation Petticoat and Lover Come Back as their feature films. Both the movies played until December 23.
    Across the street the Paramount was featuring Playgirl After Dark (starring Jayne Mansfield) and Portrait of a Sinner. On December 21, 1962 Paramount was presenting The Castaways as its feature film along with Lad a Dog.
    So I’m assuming the picture dates to between 12/18 – 12/20/1962.

  12. So the Broadway Theatre was constructed using slip formed concrete. I guess it was not meant for the ages! Lovely seeing the transparency of the Hilton here before window coverings and eventual heavy tinting.

  13. And the award goes to LMH. Nice research on the movies. Is there a searchable database for The Oregonian or did you manually look through the movie ads?

  14. I have a library card. Is the Oregonian searchable there for things like what movies were playing at what theater on what date?

  15. Steve, the Multnomah County Library site offers you a wide variety of research tools, Log on to the Multnomah County Library site. Click on the Research tab and scroll down to research tools. Scroll down the page and select The Historical Oregonian (1861 – 1987). (Further down the page there is a separate category titled The Oregonian 1987 – Present). You will have to log in again to access the NewsBank website. You will need to have an idea of what you are looking for to get started, but you can putter around to see what works best for you. I apologize in advance if this is redundant to you.

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