SE Harrison Street, circa 1929

The number man standing in front of the grocery store at SE 7th Avenue and SE Harrison Street, circa 1929. For more information on the number man, please click here.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2009-009.301

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2009-009.301


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12 thoughts on “SE Harrison Street, circa 1929

  1. It seems like it wouldn’t be too onerous to replace the simple cornice and give the building better balance. Kudos to the owners for keeping the classic ambience of the ground floor, though.

  2. A little over 4 years ago there was a post asking us viewers to help out with an unknown location:

    Many possible locations of the circa 1931 photo of an older gentleman in front of his shop were discussed, including the 7th and Harrison building of today’s post. But seeing how this building looked in 1929 pretty much takes it out of consideration.

    It doesn’t appear that anyone has been able to answer the original question in 2012 (although the 2nd image in that post of the lady and the small child was found to be in Camas). Now if we could only see an image of the existing building of the other prime candidate at N. Williams and Page from around 1930…

  3. Can’t believe It’s been 4 years since that “Help us out post”. Ditto to Susan. Early AM delivery. Store in my old neighborhood, (Ed’s Market” on North Vancouver and Lombard) used to have their pastry delivered to the store front in early morn. I know. My friend and I used to help our selves to a few maple bars occasionally when I would go with him on his paper route. Guess they call that “misspent youth”. LOL. Those boxes would be highly collectible today obviously.

  4. The little house far left with the lady and her house-painter beau on the porch still stands, looking remarkably unchanged except for the front stair. It’s mirror twin to the right is now a driveway. Interesting thing is that looking at the overhead view, the driveway is not wide enough to fit another house like the existing one in its footprint. Hmmm.

  5. I remember Ed’s Market even though I live in Tenn. now. My mom used to send me, as a kid to Ed’s to get her cigarettes (we lived on Lombard). When I would be home on leave from the Navy, I’d always buy my beer there.

  6. @Tom K……the number man always means street widening. So my guess would be that the house where the driveway is now was removed and the grocery store was scooched over in its place to make room for a wider street.

  7. I spent about an hour looking through Oregonian articles etc. to see if I could figure out number mans identity. I found pictures of the city engineers and his assistants and it was none of them (not surprising). I think he was just a minor civil servant.

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