Special Delivery Boys, 1941

Special Delivery Boys after receiving Safety Award. Image includes Mayor Earl Riley (third from left), 1941.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2010-019.63

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2010-019.63


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7 thoughts on “Special Delivery Boys, 1941

  1. The shortness of the ties seems to be an unusual aspect until you take into account that dress pants of the era used to be very high-waisted.

  2. delivery ‘boys’ is a little optimistic. they seem like a pretty rough lot, mayor included! i like how they all try and out-tough each other with jaunty hat angles; guy second from right is clearly the bad-*ss of the bunch.

    gotta watch the quiet, baby-faced ones!

  3. What do you guess as the age range of these ‘boys’?

    Five months later war was declared. Wonder how many of these guys survived that.

  4. According to the Oregonian (31 July 1941, p 13), these safe-driving awards (which were “gold stickers”) were presented to the messenger drivers on 29 July 1941, probably the date when this Archives photo was taken. The drivers made it from 1 January to 1 July without an accident. This same issue of the paper was supposed to carry a photo of the awards event on the “wirephoto page,” but I do not see it in the digital archive. Riley appears to be shaking hands with James Marshall, “president of the Portland postal organization.” Postmaster E.T. Hedlund must be on the far left. The article gives the names of all of the other award recipients… presumably including the 12 shown in the photo.

    I would paste an image of the article here, but have not learned how this can be done working with this VP comments textbox.

  5. I just love this photo, I noticed a guy of you zoom in that looks quite a bit like Elvis!
    I grew up on SW 14 street but our Victorian was torn down for the new freeway.
    A few doors down from is was a Jewish Center where I
    was allowed to play with the children and do crafts.
    On the next corner was a store we called Petes store which
    I was allowed to walk to a young age. We were the Willis Family, I remember the
    Adams lived next door and it was great place to grow up
    in the 50’s and 60’s. I think the stir was actuly called Perties.
    If anyone has a photo I’d love to see it, I have many fond memories
    of that little place.
    Diane Sundberg

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