SE 7th Avenue, 1929

A number man standing in front of an auto repair shop at 308 E 7th Avenue, 1929. For more information on the number man, please click here.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2009-009.303

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2009-009.303


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17 thoughts on “SE 7th Avenue, 1929

  1. fender rollling back then was a thing due to the way autos were built, and the craziness of traffic. fender-benders were exactly that: your fender would get tangled up in something, or bent in a collision, and shops like these would smooth them out as best they could with fender bucks, dollys and hammers… or use an english wheel.

    if you look closely at the car at left, it looks like his fender has been rolled out at some point – there is a barely-noticable kink in the arch.

  2. What is the significance of the man holding a sign with the number “112?” I noticed on the garage doors have the number 308 on them. Wonder if the address was being renumbered?

  3. Harry Smith, Waaaay at the end of the post where it says “for more information on the number man…” there’s a link to an explanation — you should click on it. In short it was a cross-reference to properties that were being affected in some way by public works projects, very often a street widening in which some of the property was being taken.

  4. Bob, I know a place just like this one that goes for $1,650/month. Better move quickly they have multiple inquiries from people in the Bay area.

  5. The yard art is an old horse hitching post. You tied your horses reins are tied to round ring in the statues hand. Most of the early curbs in Portland had rings in them for this purpose.

  6. If I’m reading the Street Renumbering Directory correctly, 310 E 7th Avenue after 1933 would have been 1626 SE 7th Avenue. (308 isn’t on the list).

  7. I think the “hitching post” is a real boy, since his hand and leg appear to be smeared from movement during the exposure, like the dog’s tail. “Hey mister, whatcha doin’?” “Go away son, ya bother me.”

  8. 1626-ish se 7th is correct – the number he holds is 112; the post of him standing up the street just a few days ago has him holding number 109.

    he must have been going southwards along 7th.

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