Dr. R.H. Barber Residence and Office, circa 1896

Dr. R.H. Barber residence and office, which was located at 257 Chapman, circa 1896. Today the location would be on SW 18th Avenue between SW Main Street and SW Madison Street.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2004-002.3627

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2004-002.3627


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16 thoughts on “Dr. R.H. Barber Residence and Office, circa 1896

  1. In the March 28, 1897 issue of The Oregonian, we read this on page 11: Headline is “The Barber Tin Wedding” — story is: “Drs. Richard H. and Jean Barber celebrated the 10th anniversary of their marriage last Tuesday evening at their residence, 257 Chapman street. The friends who responded to the invitations brought with them tinware of various descriptions. The time was pleasantly passed with vocal and instrumental music. Messrs. Crook and Patterson sang “Just Ten Years Ago Tonight,” which created much merriment. The hostess rendered, excellently, the highland fling and other dances. Reffreshments were served at a late hour.” A list of guests follows,

  2. address is now site of legends condos. restaurant across the street is an 1893 building that has survived… for now!

  3. wl — thanks for that! My husband and I live in Legends condo, and we walked outside this morning to see if we could tell which side of the street the house had been on. I checked Lovejoypettygrove but couldn’t determine from that. Amazing to be living “on the site” of today’s VP!!

  4. more fun – in 1889, there is no 257 chapman. there is a 251, which, oddly is 2 separate houses. and there is a 15, on the ne corner of the block.

    in 1901, there is a 257 (about where 251 used to be), but the 1901 house is part of a row of three. quite possible that barber’s was built first, and we see it before the neighborhood built out. . and ’15’ has become 253.

    what looks like a street corner to the right would appear to be a driveway and fence for the house at 253, which was set back a ways.

    and yes, the 1896 phone book has barber at 257.

    still doesn’t explain 421!

  5. Concrete wall along the sidewalk. I thought this type of concrete construction started with the building of our water reservoirs and Mt. Tabor park, however I was wrong once before.

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