14 thoughts on “SE 7th Avenue, 1929

  1. beat me to it! 700 se hawthorne. window has been modified. interestingly, a building up the street (615 se hawthorne) still has the curved window detail… must have been the style at the time.

  2. The sign is what interests me. The use of ATW or 289. I always thought that only two letters were used like A & T for a phone number. In this case I assume it was Atwood, but it seems that it was used in many cities. By the way what is located in the empty lot as that is what looks like to be the subject of the photo?

  3. Susan: tiny homes have always been a thing. There are apartments, modular homes, condos, etc. They’ve simply became on-trend again when people with money decided that they wanted in—not unlike a few of the neighborhoods posted here…

  4. b&w motors building (700 se hawthorne) was practically brand-new when the photo was taken; 2 homes were torn down after 1924 to build it. the vacant lot, and the frontage at 712 se hawthorne, appear to stay vacant until 1948 when the L-shaped building surrounding 700 is built.

    small structure on vacant lot is likely a shed, not a house.

  5. I’ve always loved the “Number People”, but the photography is amazing too. The detail of the brickwork, the wavy glass….1929. This inspires me to get my old photos in order.

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