10 thoughts on “SW 6th Avenue, 1932

  1. The big building on the center right is where Terwilliger Plaza is now. Duniway Park soon to be built on the left. Nothing shown in this photo is still here today except for Marquam Hill in the distance.

  2. There are two old houses on the east side of 6th at Caruthers which are shown in the photo. I pass them almost every day. The photo seems to be taken from the northwest corner of 6th and Caruthers. At 6th and Sheridan the house with the updaters bay window stood until about 2003. I seem to remember an old A&W just to the north of that house on 6th in the ’80s.

  3. Looks like Quaker crackels were available from 1931 to 1935. In 35 one could send in 3 box tops and receive in the mail one 37.5 inch long bull whip like the one used by Clyde Beatty.

  4. Thanks Dave. Now folks, where else are going to get valuable historical information like this? Human insight, the occasional historical oddity, and a true sense of ownership in our local history. All for the low, low price of….FREE. Wonderous!

  5. Yeah…up 6th, then a left turn and then a right and on to Barbur Blvd. My gawd…it seems like just yesterday!

  6. The billboard appears to be at sidewalk level. If so, it must have been strange to live behind it, next to it, or across the street from it. Today that billboard would be covered with graffiti in no time.

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