9 thoughts on “NE 17th Avenue , 1965

  1. I’ve been told that 17th carried a streetcar. Is the relatively fresh asphalt down the center here an indication of recently removed tracks?

  2. I don’t see any indication of a streetcar on 17th. 15th was a streetcar route (the IJ Irvington line) until the 40’s. The odd triangle at the top of the hill close to Prescott is a remnant of where the streetcar laid over and turned around.

  3. I imagine the diamond-shaped sign to the right of the photo advises drivers of a school zone or of kids present, as Sabin Elementary School (my alma mater) is just behind and to the right of the image.

  4. The hill shown in the picture was one of my favorite hills to sled down when it snowed. I grew up on 15th Ave. in the 40’s, and 17th and 18th from Skidmore to Mason were the best sledding hills around. I think it snowed more in those days.

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