11 thoughts on “N Broadway, circa 1950

  1. Most of this photo is gone. Weidler is a trivial side street. And yet, several stalwart landmarks remain (some inexplicably, like the house on Vancouver).

    Together with yesterday’s companion Albina Yards photo, it is fascinating to look upon an area that remains familiar despite tremendous postwar change.

  2. That Safeway marks where I-5 went in. When they built the freeway, apparently they just moved it a few blocks east.

  3. Cars might have become a lot safer but there are so many more of them on the streets now. I felt safer crossing the street when there were fewer cars & fewer people turning without stopping. Great photo.

  4. The Safeway seen here on the SE corner of Broadway and Vancouver was managed by Gayle Poe at the time. I was told she was Safeway’s first woman manager in Portland, possible due to the shortage of men during WW ll.

  5. @ Judy & Chuck
    I would have been nervous to drive OR walk back in the day. Check out this harrowing footage on Sandy from the late 1930s

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