12 thoughts on “SW 16th Avenue, 1979

  1. The architectural details are the same as the Simon Benson House, since relocated to the PSU Campus. The staircase entry is set on the diagonal to the wrap around covered porch supported by paired columns beneath the second story covered balcony.

  2. It does look like the Benson House now located at 1803 SW Park and if that is correct it was originally located on SW 11th and Clay in think (and moved to its current location in 2000)

  3. I grew up in SE Portland in the 40’s and 50’s and often wondered if there would be another taller building than the M&F building in my lifetime. Well, now when downtown Portland, I find it hard to believe that I ever had these doubts:)

  4. @BobV According to Wikipedia, the M&F building was never the tallest building in Portland (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings_in_Portland,_Oregon#Timeline_of_tallest_buildings).

    The original 1908 quarter-block building was only 10 stories (not sure of the height in feet), and it did not reach its full height until the full-block build-out was completed in 1932.

    According to the National Register listing, however, after 1932 M&F was the largest commercial structure in the state (650,000 SF) until the First National Bank Tower (Wells Fargo Center) was completed in 1972.

  5. I had always believed the Public Service Building (PGE) was the tallest until the Hilton & Portland Center were built.

  6. I remember the house when it was on Jefferson. It was apartments for years then derelict for many more. Interesting story…. Some street person stole the leaded windows out of it and sold them to an antique dealer down town. A Portland
    detective named Sharon Strohecker tracked them down years later and the windows were found in a false wall at the antique store.

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