12 thoughts on “SE Foster Road, circa 1921

  1. There seems to be confusion with the title of the notification email

    “SW Jefferson Street, 1937
    by Vintage Portland
    Bulldozer plowing snow near City Hall on SW Jefferson Street, 1937.”

    and the subject of the web page above though the photo is the same and is obviously not snow plowing.

  2. Very interesting technology here. Check out that mallet. I would hate to swing that all day. And the booms on that crane still have the bark on them.

  3. Late and weird they are not plowing snow but are dampening the excavation site

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  4. I wonder if the entry for yesterday’s Vintage Portland, which never arrived, somehow got mixed up with today’s? I hope we get a chance to see the SW Jefferson/City Hall snow photo!

  5. I just discovered that one can view the snow photo by clicking on “View this image in efiles” link in the email.

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    I think they are watering down as they fill a trench. That is not a snow plow.

  7. What we have in view here is a cleverly improvised drag line. It is being used to back fill a open trench using the spoil removed in opening the trench. The machinery consists of a two drum donkey powered by a internal combustion engine such as one might find on a farm tractor of the period. The donkey is mounted on a swiveling platform above a crude frame equipped with axles and metal wheels. Apart from the donkey drums the machine is manually operated, the swiveling is preformed by means of a rope in the hands of the man on the left. The dumping is controlled by another man holding a rope who is just visible behind the man controlling the water.The water is an aid to compacting the fill as mud cuts down on the voids. As for the gentleman with the circus mallet, judging from the other tools lying behind him he is engaged in removing the trench supports. The donkey can be used for the heavy lifting.
    This work is probably being performed under contract by a independent “low bidder” making use of some gypo loggers ingenuity. The good old days. You just had to be tough.

  8. The caption on the efike is: A2001-008.45 : Workers above – ground at Foster Rd sewer improvement site near 92nd St [SE 92nd Ave] with view of surrounding area.”

  9. My guess is that the location of this interesting piece of engineering is somewhere in South Portland… maybe near Failing School? Anyone else hazard a guess?

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