8 thoughts on “Wartime Housing, circa 1944

  1. New very expensive toys. New clothing. Staged photo shoot. Perhaps contest winners with their prizes? There is likely a nice story here.

  2. I wonder if photo is post war… With rationing a new trike and wagon seem unlikely. In 1949 my brother and I got a new trike and a heavy metal push riding steamroller.

  3. @Janet,

    “Heavy Metal Push Riding Steamroller” sounds like a name for a band. You’d better get licensing rights for that.

  4. It was indestructible! When we moved to Michigan the parents didn’t expect to have any more use for it and it was left in Spokane.

  5. @Todd:

    That’s because little Billy McMulligan from the good side of the tracks just told them, “nice Radio Flyer ya got there, it’d be a shame if anything happened to it.”

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