14 thoughts on “SW 5th Avenue, 1898

  1. I agree. I am so glad that this structure still stands. At one time (1930’s ?), it was considered for demolition to make way for a parking structure. I consider this and the Meier and Frank building to be the most beautiful in Portland.

  2. A few years past it was made into a parking lot !
    The building raised & basement dug out. Its underground parking for Federal Judges.

  3. I missed seeing the Portland Hotel which was torn down right around the time I was born. The M&F parking structure was an insulting replacement. In the late 60s-early 70s we attended hearings to keep M&F from installing a bigger parking garage. That protest led to the eventual development of Pioneer Square. Victory!

  4. I had not seen this angle of the courthouse before, nice.
    I remember being impressed with the dark red carpet in the hallways of the Portland Hotel.

  5. Ah, the good old days, when you could park your carriage at the Courthouse, set your pocket watch by the Oregonian clock, and drop in to the Hotel Portland to wet your whistle. Don’t forget to kick the street mud off your shoes before entering!

  6. I believe M&F was constructed c. 1909. You are correct, Jaymalea it would probably show in this photo had it existed at that time,.

  7. Jaymalea,

    The Meier & Frank building of this era was a five story 1/2 block structure on 5th between Morrison and Alder (provided the 1898 construction was completed at the time of this picture). It would have been just out of the frame on the right.

    In 1909, the first section of the modern building was built as a 10 story annex at 6th and Alder. By 1915, the original 5 story building had been replaced by a new 10 story building wedded to the annex and the store now covered 3/4 of the block. Finally, by 1932, the final quarter block had been purchased and built out with two additional stories added to the entire structure.

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