14 thoughts on “St. Johns Bridge, 1931

  1. It looks like a ferry still running. The east side ferry landing is in the photo. Does anyone know where the west side landing was?

  2. Todd: The west side ferry landing may have been on the north side of the bridge connected to a road that led to the old Whitwood Court Hotel on US 30 (St Helen’s Hwy).

  3. I like to imagine the St. Johns Bridge in place of the Burnside bridge. It would have been a very good image for the City of Portland.

  4. Rumblefish: Thanks. I see a likely spot on Google
    Earth that may be the remnant that would match up with that. Brian R posts on this site a lot. He and I were looking for the ferry landings from his boat not long ago.

  5. What a amazing bridge. Whenever I hear someone say something along the lines of “we dont need good design for infrastructure, we just need it to work!” I remind them of the difference between the Marquam and the St. John’s bridges. One has become such an emblem of pride that people get tattoos, socks and other paraphernalia emblazoned with it’s likeness. The other is so hated, it is suggested be demolished for it’s sins.

  6. Thats a guy walking on the rope, another guy standing on the near tower.
    No doubts they don’t have PPE as required now days !

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