10 thoughts on “Jolly Knitters, circa 1944

  1. My Vanport friend Norm Zeller said he recognized those windows and that classroom, when he saw the photo this morning!

  2. No sarcasm intended, but can’t help smiling at what I’m sure was a quite fashionable coif being sported by a very attractive Mrs. Laeterle.

  3. I see that gender roles were not so rigid in 1944 that they precluded having some boys in knitting class. Apparently racial roles were more rigid.

  4. I love their faces, their clothes, their shoes, how they’re sitting, the band-aid on the knee. So alive! They’re in their 80s now, likely.

  5. Vanport was made for all ship yard workers. both my G-dads worked in maintenance through the administration departments. My G-mother Stowell, my mother and dad were all welders in the ship yards. I attended Marshal grade school, 1944 I was 8. I was 12 when the flood happened.

  6. Ron-During the war a lot of African Americans came along with everyone else looking for work in the shipyards. Vanport was one of the most diverse neighborhoods, racially, in Portland at that time . Until the Vanport flood destroyed everything..

  7. My father (and no doubt his brothers) learned to knit on a homestead in the 1920s, probably before they were old enough to do many farm chores.

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