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  1. There were a few of these double houses in our S.E. Portland neighborhood near Buckman elementary School.

  2. Based on the old address of 185 I would say some what later became the south auditorium urban renewal area.

  3. Based on the old address of 185 I would say some where in what later became the south auditorium urban renewal area.

  4. Love the display of the new ‘automobile’! I think this is somewhere on East Burnside. Maybe Hawthorne, Belmont etc. In fact, my husband’s great-grandmother lived in a house very similar to this on East Burnside. I will have to dig out the photograph.

  5. This looks like the one on SE Ankeny near 20th, judging by the adjacent houses too. It actually houses 4 apartments within. There was a fire years ago in one of them. Don’t know if it’s the same house, but looks very similar. The architect probably had many contracts for these. I’ve seen them in different SE areas.

  6. Unless the small trees between the houses and the large one in the foreground are all dead. This couldn’t be August.

  7. A somewhat similar building that once stood at what is now 1324 SE Main St was divided into four apartments.

  8. Eric: Do you have a link to the Sanborn?
    The street renaming shows that 805 SW 16th would have been 181 16th Street before the street renaming. I think we need more information though.

    Mary Kelly, live-in domestic worker
    Charles Kahn, owner at Kahn Brothers, married to Ella Kahn
    Ella Kahn, married to Charles Kahn
    Felix Kahn, owner at Kahn Brothers
    Jacob Kahn, owner at Kahn Brothers

  9. eric looks to be correct; all three structures match the sanborn (1950 map shows the house to the right having storefronts added later).

  10. We went out to look and found a couple south of Belmont at 37th that are very similar. A gentleman asked what we were looking for and we had our copy of the picture. I did tell him that I had a memory of other locations. He said yes there are more. He said that they were not specifically built as rentals, he said they were family’s who usually lived in these with each having their own section. The information of the Kahn family proves that out to be in their case.

  11. I am always impressed with the craftsmanship of these old cedar shake roofs. Even on this relatively modest structure. No leaser levels or other helpers.

    My only lived memory of such things is tainted by the chunky, clunky messes which passed for shake from the 70s and 80s. You almost never see them any more as they are insanely expensive to maintain.

  12. kitten, newer cedar shake roofs just don’t hold up as well as old ones, as the trees grow too fast in a tree farm to get the same tight growth rings and anti-decay chemicals old growth had. also, many of those chunky 70s ‘nw style’ shake roofs seemed to hold as much water as they shed, leading to moss growth and rot.

  13. Susan Alexander, It makes no difference if the numbers were changed or not the same scheme was adhered to.
    The standard calls for numbers in newly created streets be assigned odd numbers to sites on the left and even numbers to the right when facing in the direction of increasing numbers (the European system).

  14. Ron – Portland numbers are odd on the north and west sides of streets, even on south and east sides. The “standard” as you call it would make this valid only in Northeast Portland.

  15. Increasing numbers is the clue. They increase as you go South from Burnside.
    Numbers increase as you go East and they increase as you go West. The dividing line, I think, is the Willamette River in this case. Originally Stumptown started with, I believe Alder and continued alphabetically heading northward.
    Using my method I have been able to find most garage sales, even when the addresses are lacking. LOL.

  16. Ron, Originally, south of Ankeny, the downtown streets were named for trees (with the exception of the very short Vine Street). Alder, Pine, Oak, and Ash are remnants of that naming convention and are not alphabetical.

    From Ankeny northward they we’re alphabetical – literally – they were named for the letters of the Alphabet, i.e. A, B, C D, etc.

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