22 thoughts on “N Lombard Street, circa 1930

  1. The visible address next door is 700, if numbering is the same as present, that would be close to Interstate Ave. what is now M.L. King.

  2. Looks like about Lombard and Albina. The big building in the window reflection is still there. The address places it about right there too.

  3. It’s Lombard and Fiske. You can see the building reflected in the shop window at this previous VP post.

    The official address of the shop may have been Lombard, but I strongly suspect the doorway opens onto Fiske.

  4. Jim, I think you got it. But it’s the building at the left of the 1955 photo reflected in the window of her shop that has since been torn down. Checking the old address directory and using Portland Maps historic permits, it shows that 702 N Lombard was a shoe shop and is now the Italian restaurant. So the building we see here has been remodeled extensively from this original photo.


  5. With all due respect, Jane, the building reflected in the window indeed still exists per my link to the prior VP posting as well as the street view on Googlemaps. In fact, that building has been admirably restored. The shoe shop is to the right in the above image as illustrated by the shoe on the door of the shop.

  6. Re: niche marketing — if this had been in a French-speaking area, it would have read “Pommes et pommes de terre” (:

  7. Hi Jim! Here’s the mystery for me that doesn’t quite make sense and what I love about this sight and all the sleuthing. 🙂 To me, the building in the reflection has to be the building in your 1955 photo that has the “Gilgus Food Market” sign hanging from it and not the building that is currently restored for a couple reasons. 1) Although we can’t see the windows on the Gilgus building the window patterns in the reflection don’t match with the restored building’s eaves 2) the eave styles from Gilgus are a better match 3) if Loyd’s, which is 702 N Lombard, is facing Lombard, as proven by Portland Maps info, then how could the restored building reflect into Loyd’s window? It makes more sense for the Gilgus building to be the reflection into Loyd’s. My observations. Please comment.

  8. Jane, that does make more sense. I thought you were talking about the building in the 1955 photo that was to the immediate left of the current restored building. Yes, I can see how the building at the far left of the 1955 image could be the one reflected in the window of this image. It also makes sense because the even number of the address of today’s image puts it on either the South or East side of a street (the mnemonic “The NW is Odd” is a great tool).

    So, yes, I think you’re right.

  9. In the 1970’s for a couple of years, I owned ST. Johns Paint and wallpaper, store on Lombard. A few blocks from the bridge and theater.

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  11. Re: addresses.. My building was, before the numbering, 900 Michigan. Now its 4619 n Michigan. So it couldn’t have been near Union.

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