W.S. Cutler and Son Grocery, circa 1914

The interior of W.S. Cutler and Son Grocery, circa 1914. The two employees pictured here are Ross Everett and Jack Howard. The store was located at 1009 Union Avenue, which is now 4749 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2004-002.6801

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2004-002.6801


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15 thoughts on “W.S. Cutler and Son Grocery, circa 1914

  1. I like the 2 stools where you could sit as the grocer ran around the store picking up your groceries for you. Self serve hadn’t happened yet.

  2. Good interior photo of this early grocery store. This one’s going in the book! Wishing I could find an interior photo of A. H. Francis Mercantile at the corner of Front and Stark in the 1850s. But that’s probably wishful thinking.

  3. Did you notice all of the tea containers on the right? I’m surprised that tea was apparently popular in 1914.

  4. The delicious goodies in the case to the right look extremely tempting. Cookies cakes, sweet breads, and I think I see an apple strudel looking thing…..

  5. William S. Cutler (1846-1911) was born in England and came to the US as a child. He lived in Hamilton, Ohio and worked as a railroad clerk before moving to Portland with wife Amelia (1846-1925). It seems he operated two grocery stores on Union Ave. from the 1890s up until his death in 1911; he relocated to the store at 1009 (from 1015) some time in about 1895. He and family lived over the store. His wife and son Oliver continued running the store until 1935 when he and a business neighbor on Union Ave. sold two lots for a new gas station. The store was torn down as a result. (Sources: Oregonian, Ancestry, etc.).

  6. The grocers picnic was attended by most of the cities merchants.Stores were closed for the day. Picnic was held at Bull run park.Can you imagine the stores closing now days? They have trouble closing on Christmas.

  7. Relying on my memory only, I would say that self serve grocery stores started with
    Safeway and A & P before WWII.

  8. Paul, I believe tea has been popular on this continent since the days before the Boston Tea Party (grin). And now, thanks to Richard, we know the original grocer came from England, another place known for loving tea!

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