14 thoughts on “Portland Air Base, 1941

  1. Ron: Columbia River.
    The base was new and they were doing drills and conducting patrols along Oregon coast because of pre war tensions with Japan.

  2. 37th Pursuit squadron. Stood up June of 1941 flying the republic P-43. (airplane nerd speak to follow). I’ve been trying to find why the first one has wheel fairings and the rest do not.

  3. I’m pretty sure the second and third aircraft are p-36 Hawks. The horizontal stabs are higher and the bulbous projection under the leading edge of wing for the landing gear to pivot up and rotate.

  4. This appears to be at about the area of NE 42nd Street looking across the West end of Government Island. From the looks of things a project to pave a asphalt East/West runway is underway with a road oilier at the left and a paving machine at the right of the image. The photo was likely exposed from a already extant control tower and looks from the South. The area has recently been developed from truck farms that prospered in the rich soils of the flood plane . Marine Drive is nowhere in evidence in this photo. When was Marine Drive completed this far East. Must have been near the time of this photo.
    As the war progressed,from the yard of our home on NE 76th I can recall looking up in wonder as flights of 3 or 4 war planes passed over at low level and the roar of those big rotary engines would rattle the china cabinet in the dining room. Thrilling stuff for a little boy.

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