6 thoughts on “Memorial Coliseum, 1960

  1. In the middle of the photo to the right of the trees is a sign on the building. Can anyone make out what the sign says? Thanks.

  2. I could be wrong, but I think that is just a pattern on the garage door that we used to march through for the Rose Festival in high school. We’d meet the cameras,and then turn right onto Broadway/Weidler to the east side. I don’t recall any sign above it.

    But then again we were pretty busy looking sharp…

  3. I love how this image looks like it was created for a classic mid-century ad campaign. All it’s missing is the pack of Chesterfields.

  4. Two things about this photo interest me.
    First is the obvious primitive retouching on the earthen embankment. Obvious because there is no variation in texture or light/shadow. Also looks like they cleaned up the doors.
    Second, I wonder when and if they added significant tint to those windows. Today it looks like the manager’s office on a used car lot: gross slightly blueish grey muck. I don’t know what they did but they have sure messed up the crystalline-clear quality so glorious in this photo and so obviously labored over by the designers.

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