12 thoughts on “NW Front Avenue, 1966

  1. I am wondering if that is more along the lines of the Morris P. Kirk steel plant…I forget the name of it….I remember that it was very close to that specific location and it looks familiar.

  2. @Mike; Not close to NW Front? Look again. There is a road sign on the left side of the image that says “St. Johns Bridge Left Lane”.

  3. I saw the sign DW. Look at a map. St. Helens road is right there. Front Ave stops south of where the photo was taken from.

  4. That is the GASCO plant. I worked there as a laborer for summer job in 1953, 54, and 55. It was shut down later when natural gas became available in Portland. In the summer of 1953 I was about to start my senior year at Beaverton HS. In spite of working at GASCO, I am still alive at age 80!

  5. The tank with the steel works above it is a manufactured gas holder tank or at the time of the photo a natural gas holder tank

  6. That is the old GasCo plant. At this point it had been shut down for about 10 years and this was before the city bought the site in 1972.
    If I recall, there is a road that crosses the tracks where this picture was taken that is called NW Front Ave. Maybe Front Ave used to go thru to St Helens Rd?

  7. Interesting discussion of the historical NW Front Ave alignment. The 1935 Industrial Map of Portland shows Front Ave continuing on to the Gasco property boundary, and then dog-legging out to NW St Helens Rd (i.e., right about where this picture was taken). the 1945 Industrial Map of Portland shows Front Ave stopping at the BN RR Bridge abutment, similar to how it looks today. So, the caption of the photo may not be entirely in error, just outdated.

  8. The 1946 Pittmon map shows Front as a through street. That stub of driveway off St. Helens just south of the Bridge Avenue ramp could very well be a remnant.

  9. NP tracks that originally went to Goble, Kalama and Tacoma. Later they were the tracks of the Astoria and Columbia River RR to Astoria and Seaside

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