8 thoughts on “SS United Victory, 1943

  1. Actually, it looks like they are doing both. The average construction time by 1943 was 42 days (the shortest was a famous 4 days). If you are going to manage that schedule you can’t waste any time.

  2. According to Wikipedia, the SS United Victory was laid down on November 19, 1943; launched January 12, 1944; completed February 28, 1944; in service March, 1944. So, the ship in the background is not the SS United Victory, and indeed, this photo does show the laying of the keel for the SS United Victory.

  3. United Victory was the first Victory ship built at Oregon Shipbuilding.
    The ship launching in the background is a Liberty ship. Oddly enough
    it is the ship my Grandfather served on, Segundo Ruiz Belvis, launched from
    building way 11.

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