11 thoughts on “NW Skyline Boulevard, 1964

  1. This was at SKB and Germentown road…They had a great cable swing, I think it closed in the late 1970s

  2. The building that Forest Park Burgers was in is still there. Been vacant for a long time. Surprising that the lot hasn’t been bought and a home built there.

  3. Sure wish that were still a going concern. Ice Cream in the summer and coffee in the winter. Anyone know who owns that property?

  4. Those “country road” shake and burger joints were more popular (and sustainable) back when road travel took 2-3 times as long.

  5. Does anyone remember the homemade, cable zipline that used to be in the woods right next to the burger joint? It was kinda hidden back in the woods and you had to know where to find the path to it. It was there during the early 70’s and attracted us “young hippies” for miles around. (Of course it attracted other folks too!) I never did know who built it and who’s property we were on. We really didn’t care back then! We just thought…..”Cool, man…That”s far out!”

  6. I remember zipping down that zipline! I remember the trees, the forest floor, the pine needles. It was magical. I also remember a giant teeter-totter, not mentioned in the article. Wow…our children are so over-protected.

  7. I last rode the zipline, giant swing, et.al. June 1986.
    There was an an old guy there minding the operations. I assumed he was the builder/landowner. Had never seen him there before the 3-4 times I was there previously.

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