24 thoughts on “SW 6th Avenue, circa 1960

  1. Jesus-The Light of The World…sorry…I never liked that sign…a cross, a Star of David, or just a simple star…no problem, but, for some reason, that particular sign was just a little too, oh, I don’t know…pushy and/or blatant?

    Not tryin’ to play sides here, so no offense is intended, but, even as a young kid, it just made me feel uncomfortable. I don’t think I would have liked the sign, even if it was placed on OUR church roof!

    Maybe it just seemed too “commercial” looking. “Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and meet Jesus…Light of the World!

    Again…no offense to anyone.

  2. Most of the cars in the photo I can take an educated guess on what they are, but I really have no idea what the car on the far left is. Can someone help me out here, please? Thanks.

  3. That is a 1964 Ford Galaxie. The car visible just in front of the truck parked along the curb is a 1963 Cadillac.

  4. Ugh, I see Dana already made the point above. Sorry, I should have refreshed comments after getting my coffee.. but, alas, not enough coffee. 🙂

  5. Dana, thanks for identifying the Studebaker Lark. I should have known that: a person I worked with for years had one.

  6. The 400 SW 6th Ave building was built it in 1961. It’s only five stories in this photo. It’s now 11 — the others were added in the late 1980’s (maybe very early 90’s?).

  7. Yes, Elloitt, the VW bug was very popular in those days They were relatively cheap and were one of the few cars that got 30 or more miles per gallon. They were done in by pollution controls and crashworthiness standards.

  8. The bug on the far left looks to be about a ’62 or ’63. Yes they were done in by tighter emission standards and tighter safety standards. Of course people were actually driving then and not texting or farting around endlessly on their phone. You were probably safer then even in the bug than now with the abysmal driving skills. The air cooled engine was hard to control for pollution, although Porsche had the 911 for a log time after the 60’s.

  9. I remember as a kid in the ’70s a Bug and a Toyota collided head on down the street from my house. The whole front of the Toyota was crushed. The bug looked pristine. Toyota driver was fine. Bug driver left in an ambulance.

  10. VW’s were everywhere in Portland in the 60’s and 70’s. In my close group of 6 or 7 friends 3 had VW’s, 1 had a Ford, 1 had a Rambler(me), 1 had a Plymouth and 1 had a Chevrolet.

  11. I had a 72 bug in the early 80’s. I would take off the little chrome air cleaner I had put on the carburetor, put back on some of the little hoses I had took off, then throw all that into a box, then go to DEQ, pass and then reinstall all of it when I got home.

  12. The 400 SW 6th building, which was then housed First National/Interstate Bank, gained the extra stories in the early 1980s, when I had an office in the Commonwealth Building across the street and lost my view.

  13. Here is a lesson in living history. After my question of June 17th I was still not satisfied with the answer, I had seen the link mentioned by scibe9 and while informative it still left me with questions.

    The other day I was talking to my Mom (who is in her 90’s) and looked in her closet to see a hat box with the name of Bidell’s on it. It turns out not only did she remember the store she told me she had bought her wedding dress there.

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