8 thoughts on “Swan Island shipyards, circa 1945

  1. Snow was always a now-and-then event in Portland. As kids we would get so excited whenever it snowed. It usually meant a day off from school!

  2. Chuck, but back in 50’s and 60’s we had more now and then events and they lasted longer than in the last 30 years now. And the city used to block off hilly streets like 32nd PL between Fremont and Siskyou for kids to sled on when it snowed. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a street blocked off for sledding. I still have my sled which was actually my dad’s sled from when he was a kid. It must be over 85 years old now. My kids used it a few times when they were growing up. My oldest grandchild is 9 now but she has only been on it once because of the lack of days of snow.

  3. I grew up in Portland in the 60’s, and at that time, the river still froze over often enough for me to remember it.

  4. @Jake Bottero: It may have had some colder winters, but no, the Willamette freezing over has never been a common occurrence in Portland’s history.

  5. By informal agreement, the Willamette Heights neighborhood has always shut down the upper end of NW Franklin during snow events, to allow the kids in the neighborhood to sled. It works because there’s an alternative – more level – route around it, and because few cars in any case could negotiate the slope without tire chains – especially after the surface is well-iced by the sleds!

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