5 thoughts on “Shipyard, circa 1945

  1. How well I remember “everyone” going to work at the shipyards! It gave us teenagers access to the jobs they left. In the summer of 1945 I had a full time job at the munificent (to me) salary of $30.00 a week!

  2. Wow! $30.00 a week! I retired as a welder from P.S.N.S. for…..get this….$30.00 an hour! (And that was 11 years ago.)

  3. A former neighbor told me she worked in a California shipyard during the war. I asked if she was like Rosie the Riveter. She said “Oh my goodness, no! I could never do anything like that! …I ran a drill press.” đŸ™‚ Too bad that so many women liker her were pushed back out of the workforce at war’s end.

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