John Marshall High School, circa 1960

View of the newly constructed John Marshall High School, circa 1960. The school is located off of SE 92nd Avenue between SE Powell Boulevard and SE Holgate Boulevard.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2014-003.920

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2014-003.920


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14 thoughts on “John Marshall High School, circa 1960

  1. I went to school there during the 1980s. Seeing this picture reminds me how so much of what I loved about that era is gone. Marshall is closed. Even my middle school, Binsmead, has been renamed and reorganized into a K-8. Eastport Plaza is gone. Jansen Beach mall is gone. Mall 205 is like a ghost town inside. Wonderland video-game is a dusty, empty shell. The last computer store that I knew of (Pacific Solutions) has a, “for lease” sign on its windows. I could go on but…

    Is what we have now, better than what we used to have? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s hard to see so much of your life being erased.

  2. Dave: I also grew up in the area. I worked at Dominos on 82nd across from Eastport. My sister worked at SteakBurger and Jean Machine. It saddens me when I visit the old neighborhood. Time hasn’t been good to it. PS: We used to go to Bazaar parking lot on Friday nights. LOL

  3. I worked at Rub-A-Dub Car Wash across from Bazaar when I was in high school. After I graduated I got a job at Bob Huffman Oldsmobile which was immediately north of the car wash [ across the side street ]. Bob Huffman Oldsmobile went out of business in 1970 and Wakehouse Fiat moved into the dealership. When Wakehouse closed it became Gary Small Saab.

  4. Google has this school listed as Franklin High School. And as I remember, when I was in high school at Madison, I knew this campus as Centennial High School.

  5. While the Franklin High buildings are being renovated and brought up to earthquake standards, the Franklin students are using the Marshall High buildings. When that is finished the Grant High students will use the Marshall High buildings for two years.

  6. @ rumblefish351

    “My sister worked at SteakBurger…”

    Oh yeah? While in high school (Marshall) I worked at Steak Burger when it first opened, and then for a few more years (1977-78 I think). I was one of the managers there for most of that time. Who was your sister? We may have worked together (you need only give me her first name). My older sister worked at the same business before it was Steak Burger. It was known as Dickie’s and later Dickie’s Inn.

    Had the camera moved a few blocks to the left, you could have seen my old house on 87th and Holgate. It no longer exists (torn down for some skinny houses).

    I’d really like to see some photographs of the Marshall HS/Eastport area before they were built. My parents moved there in the mid ’50s and told me that there was nothing but fields there.

  7. Ric, My sister’s name is Migon. She was working there when it got held up one time. She still remembers that to this day.

  8. I went to Marshall during the late 60s. Time has definitely changed the neighborhood. I remember Bazaar! I also remember my Dad going to the A & W Root Beer on 82nd Ave to get refills in our big glass jug for root beer floats at home!

  9. rumblefish351, hmm, that name doesn’t sound familiar. Do you recall when she worked there. I was gone by 1979.

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