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Can anyone help us with the location of this house? The images provide views of the home from two perspectives. The photograph was taken circa 1951.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, House in Portland, A2004-002, circa 1951

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, House in Portland, A2004-002.11135, circa 1951


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, House in Portland, A2004-002, circa 1951

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, House in Portland, A2004-002.11136, circa 1951


View these images in Efiles by clicking here and here.

FOUND: 5228 SE Lincoln Street

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  1. in the second picture, between the garage and house, there is something… weird… in the distance. commercial building? church?
    the shape could be an artifact of overexposure, but even still, it doesn’t look ‘housey.’

  2. Good catch wl. I think it can be taken at face value as something large and concrete in the distance. Now, what is it?

  3. I don’t know, but a tell-tale architectural feature of this fine craftsman style are the flanking pair of small arched windows beneath the eves of the second story dormer on the sloping street side containing the retaining wall.

  4. I’m not sure but could it be in NW near NW 26th looking north with chapman school in the background? Also isn’t that an English car? At first I thought it was a Crosley but the double rear window doesn’t work for that.

  5. Could the structure in the back be a water tank? It almost look round to me. Also, given the amount of setback from the street and the space between houses this looks more like NE than NW to me.

  6. There’s a house at NE 20th and Prescott that is so very close, but it’s missing the slope of the hill. I agree that it seems like NE or even North (Overlook).

  7. The slope is throwing me off, but it looks an awful lot like the housing stock around NE Prescott from MLK to 33rd. The slope would be in the MLK to 15th section and Maranatha church is a big boxy building at 12th and Skidmore which could match this profile. Maranatha was built in 1951. The Prescott water tower (Sabin HydroPark) is at 20th which is another potential profile.

  8. I like the old “model T” flat roof garage.Those things leaked like sieves. Car not English.

  9. Sorry, I can’t help on the location, but I do know that the car is a ‘turret-top’ 1940 Chevrolet Master Deluxe, an example spoken of last week about full metal car roofs. Not sure if the British copied Chevy, or Chevy copied them…

  10. that slope is tough – photos are in winter (no leaves), and sun is back and to the left of house, so that should make the house facing north or east depending on time taken. if the object is a sabin tank, that likely makes the slope the wrong way if the tank is north of the house. i know the streets south of skidmore slope to the south… where does the incline start farther east?

  11. ps – i tried to find the efile… but PARC a2004-002 is a ‘box’ with like 750 files in it. i searched 1951 and house in portland and got nuttin.
    sometimes other stuff in the same folder gives clues; can vp post the efile #s after the 002 part?

  12. @PMC – nice job! I think you’ve nailed it. The house next door with it’s staircase matches up too.

  13. @Brian…i just looked at google maps for houses with this orientation and roof line on corners in areas that i knew had slopes with houses of this era. Obviously this could be 100’s of houses but only small percent with this house orientation. For example compare houses on 54th and lincoln (Facing east and west) vs. 53rd and lincoln (facing north and south). This coupled with running in that area recently and time during a meeting i was on that only required listening 🙂

  14. awesome sleuthing! that just leaves the mystery of what that thing is in the background lol! could be a church steeple, but the church at 52nd doesn’t look like it would be visible at this angle.

  15. Someone should inform the owners of this house of the great old photograph. I know if there was an old photo of mine, I would love to see it!

  16. Appears to be N. Alameda area… Actually resembles a home my aunt and uncle lived in…

  17. Thank you for sharing your method. Very impressive!

    You (and others) probably know that clicking on the photo enables you to to expand the image and look more closely at architectural features. I also noted leaded class diamond pattern windows in the upper transom windows on the front porch entrance and the side. There is also stone or ashlar that support the pillars flanking the front steps.

  18. What an amazing tree in front. The canopy spreads out so far. Priceless. (I’m talking about the current picture.) But not a good picture for my website. Wintertime is the time.

  19. the first house looks like one I’ve seen in SE Portland, about SE 25th or so, a couple blocks south of Hawthorne. I’ll try to drive by the one I’m thinking of and see if it really could be the same one.

  20. Thank you VP for acknowledging when a location has been IDed. It is always a good feeling to be able to augment the historical record.

    Seems like there were a couple Help Us Outs since the switchover that had a number of suggestions but nothing was ever pronounced as final.

    What process do you go thru when you proclaim a location has been found?

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