13 thoughts on “Multnomah Kennel Club, 1960

  1. Thank God “Greyhound Racing” is a thing of the past. I have read so many
    articles about what happens to these poor dogs AFTER they are no longer
    fit of the “sport!” We know so much more now about animals and HOW they
    should be treated!

  2. Was greyhound racing really THIS popular? I moved from Portland in ’54. Used to go
    to grayhound races in ’47. The crowds were modest then.

  3. I remember going there in the 70’s. It was a very pleasant experience. One could bet a few bucks, have a hot dog and beer and spend less than going to a movie. It was great on a summer evening.

  4. My father worked at the Greyhound Park from 1956 until his retirement in the early 2000’s. He worked his way up from selling tickets to the Director of Racing. Not all of the dogs had a horrible life.

  5. I remember going to the races with my dad in the late 70’s. Used to watch PL Greer win every time. We would place a $2 bet on him to win, and would win $2.10!

  6. I went there a couple of times in the mid-70’s. I bet for the first time ever & don’t think I won anything. Greyhounds are beautiful dogs. A lot of people in SF have miniature greyhounds as pets.

  7. You had to experience to get it. There is a lot of propaganda about Greyhound racing. 9 or 10000 people on a Saturday night was common

  8. I have a 1959 Multnomah Kennel Club official racing form, (pamphlet). I was born in Portland in 1949 and my dad used to take me to the track all the time. I was taught from the best on how to bet on a dog. When i became of age I would win now and then, but I had so much fun just being in the middle of the excitement. I have always been “a people watcher” and loved to watch for the look of great expectation. I moved from my beloved Oregon in 1980. I am so glad to have found this site. Thank you.

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