Multnomah Stadium, 1961

This image comes from the Memorial Coliseum Dedication book. According to the book, this is the “Summer ski jump in Multnomah stadium-constructed by Safeway,” 1961. Multnomah Stadium is now Providence Park. This view is looking southeast toward Lincoln High School.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2014-003.880

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2014-003.880


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22 thoughts on “Multnomah Stadium, 1961

  1. Mike, do you mean the ability to view it in efiles? I clicked on the photo and got the efiles view, with the ability to zoom-by-finger-spread (I’m using an IPad)….

  2. What a treat for me…being able to see my very first apartment…The Johnathan Lair Apartments…1717 SW Yamhill…just across the street from the stadium…third floor-NW corner-straight up from the KEEP OREGON GREEN sign, so-to-speak. The apartment manager’s name was Powell…as I recall, her son collected old used books! I can remember that some people thought he was crazy!
    (1968-$40.00 a month!)
    Thanks for the great photo!

    (Oh…Mike…my “zoom” is working okay…I just clicked on the photo…as usual. Maybe just a momentary glitch in the system? Hope it heals itself soon.)

  3. Side stepping to the TOP? And a Volvo Wagon seems to be suspended in air? Anyone have a news story on this? Looks like a lot of potential nasty accidents to me. Great photo with some wonderful vintage adverts.

  4. Scroll down in the link below for a couple more views of the ski jump, including one which gives an even more frightening view of the support scaffolding. Barely looks structurally adequate – don’t even want to think about what would have happened in a seismic event.

  5. “Scroll down in the link below for a couple more views of the ski jump, including one which gives an even more frightening view of the support scaffolding”

    He has that photo dated 1953. Was this a recurring event? Gotta love those days before OSHA.

  6. Jim,

    When I first arrived in Portland during the summer of 1964 I stayed a short while at the Campbell Hill Hotel up near Burnside and SW Vista. My first apartment was at the Laurelhust Apartments, then on SE 39 just north of Belmont. One bedroom/kitchen/living room/bath with off-street parking was $65 per mo. Those were the days.(when I was working for $2.35 per hour!)

  7. Jim…
    Gotcha…okay…SW Taylor, and yes, THAT building is still there…I was off by a block…but they looked almost exactly the same…or they did at the time…bay window set-up…three story…but I remember my address, which WAS 1717 SW Yamhill…so…MY apartment building is long gone…it was demolished in the 70’s…why I didn’t see that in the first place, I don’t know…I should have known better too, ‘cause my apartment wasn’t right on the corner. ..hence 1717 and not 1729 to 1739, like the one we DO see! I was probably just excited to see the ol’ neighborhood!

  8. What I meant was there used to be the ability to click twice on the picture and get a close up view. I guess clicking on efiles is just as good but I liked that feature.

  9. I was there ! Yes, it was quite a sight . As you can see , there were thousands in attendance . Somehow they kept the darn stuff from melting. Frankly, it looked pretty darn scary .

  10. The VP photo post likely is from 1960 vice 1961. The stadium ski-jump show was staged as part of the Rose Festival in June, billed as an “International Ski-jump Competition” that brought in pro skiers from all over the world. From what I can glean from newspaper accounts is that the show was put on for the festival only twice, in 1951 and again in 1960. The festival organizers and sponsors may have given up on it after that because ticket sales were disappointing. Car buffs can determine whether the vehicles shown in the pic date from 1951 or 1960.

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