10 thoughts on “Vanport School No. 1, 1944

  1. I wonder if those odd looking hot plate combo oven thing was what was provided in the rooms at Vanport and thats why they were using them in a class room?

  2. Mike,
    I would think these combo things were made for classroom use otherwise thry’d need a room full of stoves.

    I bought two of those schoolroom light fixtures at a flea market nearly 30 years ago. The were wired to take of to a150 watt bulb. I hung one of them in the laundry room and still have the other on a shelf waiting for a new home.

  3. Do they still teach Home Economics? A term was mandatory for both boys and girls in my high school in the ’80s. Even though there was plenty of grumbling from the guys, I’ve put the lessons learned in Home Ec. to use much more frequently than those learned in Geometry (with the exception of slicing equal pie pieces to match the number of guests – but that’s still more guesswork than calculations).

  4. Odds are, Jim, that they don’t teach either Home-Ec OR Shop classes anymore. In fact, one wonders what they DO teach in school now-a-days…sometimes I kinda wonder if they’re nothing more than lower and upper class day-care centers!

  5. I would guess that those hotplate-oven combo things might well have been used in Vanport apartments. My mother told me that’s what they used in the original Amazon housing at the University of Oregon, which was also wartime housing.

  6. Jim Kahn- Is that really a necessary comment? Unfortunately most teachers have to prepare their students for testing, and budgets have been cut right and left for anything not related to that in many schools. Teachers are working their butts off.

  7. I think those oven-hotplate combos look very practical for teaching cooking. What
    a good idea!

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